Donald Smith, M.D.

Dr. Smith is an expert in the field of virology and microbiology, who has extensive experience in research institutes, he is the author of more than 150 scientific papers. Under his leadership, immunological methods for diagnosing infectious diseases have been developed. Since 2001, Dr. Smith is working in Ancora Pharmaceuticals Inc. He focused on solving new scientific problems of infectious pathology, including:

  • improving the scientific basis for organizing medical care for patients with infectious diseases, resulting in the development of scientifically sound procedures and medical and economic standards for the provision of medical and diagnostic care for people in such diseases;
  • development and implementation of new technologies for immunoprophylaxis of weakened patients, which significantly reduced the risk of developing a complicated course of the vaccine process, increased the number of vaccinated patients and reduced the disease incidence;
  • timely diagnosis and adequate treatment of patients with infections and their consequences (meningococcal infection, tick-borne encephalitis, Lyme disease, serous and purulent meningitis of various nature, acute flaccid paralysis, etc.), which helped to reduce the disability of this category of patients;
  • diagnosis and treatment of critical conditions in severe infectious diseases, identification of risk factors for the development of these conditions and development of measures to prevent them;
  • the study of intrauterine infections and the conditions of their occurrence, which made it possible to develop scientifically based algorithms for assessing the risk of developing some congenital infections.

Dr. Smith and his scientific advice prepared 23 doctors and 45 candidates of medical sciences. Dr. Smith is the co-author of 4 scientific discoveries, the author of 815 scientific works, including 26 manuals, 6 reference books, 17 manuals for doctors and 34 monographs: “Guide to infectious diseases”, a textbook for medical schools “Infectious Diseases”, a manual on “Rational antimicrobial pharmacotherapy”, a guide to “Selected Issues in the Therapy of Infectious Patients”, a manual and an atlas on parasitic diseases, the guidelines on “Enterovirus infection”, lectures for practitioners “Vaccine” and others.

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