Glycobiology and the Carbohydrate Market

Synthetic Molecule Value Proposition

Similar to proteins and nucleic acids, carbohydrates are complex biomolecules known to play a crucial role in the development and maintenance of human health and disease. Carbohydrates are involved in the direct activation or inhibition of numerous biochemical and cellular pathways. Often, a distinct interaction between a specific carbohydrate molecule sequence and its target can lead to the modulation of biological activity.

Targeting discrete carbohydrate molecule interactions has led to the commercialization of several blockbuster drug products. Continual identification of specific, biologically relevant carbohydrate interactions increases the probability of discovering additional high commercial value drug products that address significant healthcare needs and markets. Given its demonstrated contribution to human health and therapeutic development, the carbohydrate molecule class holds enormous opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry.

A long-standing obstacle to carbohydrate-based therapeutic development has been economical access to pure and defined carbohydrate structures. Medicinal chemistry and lead optimization programs also require the ability to generate derivatives of the core molecule and reproducible production of product in quantity in a time sensitive and cost effective manner. Ancora is answering all these challenges directly by developing and exploiting a robust technology platform and capability.

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